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3-Month Fellowship for Early Postdocs

This fellowship allows you to get to know our university as your potential future working place and write a joint application for funding proposals on-site. It is endowed with 4,500 € for a three-month visit. There are two calls are year (June, November). Both international prospects and RUB professors can initiate an application.

International Postdocs: Find a host!

If you are interested in joining us, you need to find a host. Please follow our guidelines.

RUB professors: Find an applicant!

If you are interest in inviting an international postdoc to check on a potential collaboration, you are welcome to spread the word and hand in your joint application.

The application consists of two parts - one by the hosting RUB professor and one by the international postdoc. You can find more information on application process below and within the flyer on the right.

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Grantees receive 3x 1,500 € (total of 4,500 €) for a period of 3 months. There are two calls for applications per year, each with 4 available fellowships.


International postdoctoral researchers are eligible to apply if they are affiliated with a research institution outside Germany and received their PhD not more than three years ago.

Review Criteria

The applicant should have an excellent research profile and present a well-founded statement on why they would like to join RUB. The joint work on a research proposal is expected. Subject-specific early career researchers will review the application and report to the decision-making Executive Board.

Review Process

The Executive Board decides on all applications based on the reviews two of RUB's subject-specific postdoctoral researchers. The review process takes 3-7 weeks.


Calls end on June 15 and November 15. Applications may be submitted all year round.


Research Assistantships are granted to excellent international postdocs for a 3-month stay at our university. Both RUB professors and international candidates can initiate an application!

The application consists of two parts - one by the hosting RUB professor and one by the international postdoc. Here you find the application forms for international applicants and RUB professors.

Our Fellows

12x Natural, Life & Engineering Sc. | 12x Humanities & Social Sciences

Guest Postdoc Home University RUB Host Faculty/Institute
Tagra Samir Assiut University, Egypt Ralf-Peter Brinkmann Electrical Engineering & IT
Faizal Arya Samman Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia Volker Staudt Electrical Engineering & IT
Wiktor Marzec HSE St. Petersburg, Russia Stefan Plaggenborg Historical Sciences
Hamid Mehdipour Sharif University, Iran Christof Hättig Chemistry and Biochemistry
Nadja Melko University of Zurich, Switzerland Constance von Rüden Historical Sciences
Adam Simmons Lancaster University, UK Verena Krebs Historical Sciences
Ernesto Santoro Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA Christian Merten Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anik Nandi Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland Laura Morgenthaler-Garcia Philology
Hernán Joel Maltz CONICET and University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Yasmin Temelli Philology
Abigail Feceu UC Riverside, USA Lukas Gooßen Chemistry & Biochemistry (RESOLV)
Dieter Reinisch University of Vienna, Austria Stefan Berger Historical Sciences
Vitor Barrota Monash U, Australia Annika Dziggel Geo Sciences
Fatemeh Mamashli University of Teheran, Iran Jörg Tatzelt Medicine
Artur Pilacinski University of Coimbra, Portugal Christian Klaes Medicine
Marta Caravà Italy Markus Werning Philosophy & Educational Sciences
Victor Lillo Castan Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Roger Friedlein Philology
Jacinto Paez Bonifaci Universidad Diego Portales, Chile Helmut Pulte Philosophy
Mailton Vasconcelos Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Melanie Mark Neuroscience
Kateryna Tkach Marche Polytech U, Italy Michael Roos Economics
Rafael Brunhara Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Roger Friedlein Philology
Somnath Chakraborty Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India Johannes Lederer Mathematics
Manlio Fossati University of St. Andrews, UK Barbara Sattler Philosophy
Pratibha Saini University of Rajasthan, India Thomas E. Müller Mechanical Engineering
Amzad Hossein Jashore University of Science and Technology Ralf-Peter Brinkmann Electrical Engineering
Hemant Arya Central University of Rajasthan, India Ralf Erdmann Medicine