RUB Research School

3-Month Fellowship for International Early Postdocs

Work on Your Grant Proposal On-site!

This fellowship allows you to get to know our university as your potential future working place and write a joint application for funding proposals on-site. It is endowed with 4,500 € for a three-month visit. There are two calls per year (June, November). Both international prospects and RUB professors can initiate an application.

International Postdocs: Find a host!

If you are interested in joining us, you need to find a host. Please follow our guidelines.

RUB professors: Find an applicant!

If you are interest in inviting an international postdoc to check on a potential collaboration, you are welcome to spread the word and hand in your joint application.

The application consists of two parts - one by the hosting RUB professor and one by the international postdoc. You can find more information on application process below and within the flyer on the right.

Not motivated yet? One third of our fellows returned to RUB with their own funding or were offered a contract. Let our success stories inspire you!



Grantees receive 3x 1,500 € (total of 4,500 €) for a period of 3 months. There are two calls for applications per year, each with 4 available fellowships.


International postdoctoral researchers are eligible to apply if they are affiliated with a research institution outside Germany and received their PhD not more than three years ago.

Review Criteria

The applicant should have an excellent research profile and present a well-founded statement on why they would like to join RUB. The joint work on a research proposal is expected. Subject-specific early career researchers will review the application and report to the decision-making Executive Board.

Review Process

The Executive Board decides on all applications based on the reviews two of RUB's subject-specific postdoctoral researchers. The review process takes 3-7 weeks.


Calls end on June 15 and November 15. Applications may be submitted all year round.


Research Assistantships are granted to excellent international postdocs for a 3-month stay at our university. Both RUB professors and international candidates can initiate an application!

The application consists of two parts - one by the hosting RUB professor and one by the international postdoc. Here you find the application forms for international applicants and RUB professors.

We welcomed 32 Postdocs from 17 countries so far