RUB Research School

Research Communication Day

Communicating Research Beyond Borders

Research Communication Day is an interdisciplinary Research School event. It encourages the exchange between doctoral resarchers from different research fields and provides skills for communicating research across disciplinary and university boundaries.

Through your scientific publications and presentations, you contribute to research within your research communities. However, for the successful communication of your research, it may also be interesting and relevant to communicate and share research results beyond your own research field and with actors and experts outside academia.

Research Communication Day addresses a broader understanding of research communication with the aim of providing strategies, skills, and experiences on how to integrate highly specialized research knowledge into effective communication across (disciplinary) and institutional boundaries.

The one-day event combines professional input with skill-building opportunities and an exchange about participants' research projects, bringing together knowledge, methods, and practical experience in a cross-disciplinary dialogue.

If you are interested in the Research School Certificate, participation in Research Communication Day is required once during your doctorate.

We offer the event in English to integrate all research areas and research languages on campus.

The next Research Communication Day will be held at November 21, 2022.