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PR.INT Conference Organization

Conferences funded until 2020

Until 2020, numerous conferences organized by PhD students have already been funded at RUB Research School. They are a reflection of the great diversity of disciplines on campus. The conference funding has quickly developed into an important funding instrument and has strengthened the exchange of doctoral researchers with central scientists in their research fields, but also among themselves. The following list shows which events were supported.

First name Last name Faculty Start End Title of the event
Janosch Steuwer History 01.10.2013 30.08.2014 »Reflections of the Self and the World. Diaries in 20th Century History and Historiography
Anna Klabunde Economics 05.03.2014 07.03.2014 2014 ESSA@work
Anja Ehrkamp Chemistry and
11.09.2014 13.09.2014 Perspectives of Molecular Neuroscience in Health and Disease
D. Timothy Goering History 15.09.2014 16.09.2014 Philosophy, Theory and History in Germany
Moritz (et al.) Hannemann (et al.) Philology 28.09.2014 28.09.2014 In-Between
D. Timothy Goering History 17.11.2014 19.11.2014 Intellectual History. Traditions and Perspectives
Anna/Ulrike Sieben/Gatzemeier Social Science 08.01.2015 10.01.2015 Feminist and queer research perspectives for psychology
Marcus Böick History 20.02.2015 21.02.2015 A “Trend” without a “Turn”? Towards new Perspectives on Writing the History of Organizations
Jana Bleckmann Philosophy and
Educational Research
16.07.2015 17.07.2015 Plato's Other Soul's - Appetite, Spirit and Other Non-Rational Soul Powers
Caner Tekin History 09.09.2015 10.09.2015 Creating European Identity through History: Representations of the Past in Contemporary European Politics
Krzysztof Dolega Philosophy and
Educational Research
21.09.2015 23.09.2015 Mental Representations: The Foundation of Cognitive Science? 
Janina Kudaibergen Philology 29.10.2015 30.10.2015 Neue Formen subalterner Literatur? Die cartonera-Verlage als Plattform für marginalisierte Stimmen
Pascale Melanie Willemsen Philosophy and
Educational Research
26.11.2015 28.11.2015 First Workshop of the Experimental Philosphy Group Germany
Marc Zimmermanns Electrical Engineering and
Information Technology
14.03.2016 16.03.2016 German Microwave Conference (GeMiC)
Thorsten Kranz Mathematics 23.03.2016 24.03.2016 Connecting Symmetric Cryptographers (CSC) - Workshop for Symmetric Cryptographers at the Start
of Their  Academic Career
Anna-Marikje Abelmann-Brockmann History 01.06.2016 03.06.2016 A Player and not just a Payer? 
Benjamin Weiner Social Science 06.06.2016 10.06.2016 Descriptive and analytical approaches in science & technological studies
Matthias Weber History 14.07.2016 15.07.2016 Investigating High Middle Ages
Marian Helm History 02.09.2016 03.09.2016 Spoils in the Early Roman Republic
Katharina Behmer Law 21.09.2016 22.09.2016 Protecting the Unprotected – Humanitarian Action and Human Rights after the WHS
Marcel Schmeer History 01.02.2017 29.09.2017 Contested Organizations”. Changes, Conflicts and Communication in 20th century organizational
historiography: empirical and theoretical perspectives
Giulia Gortanutti Social Science 05.04.2017 07.04.2017 International Conference on Cross-Movement Mobilization
Jesse Heyninck Philosophy and
Educational Research
15.05.2017 17.05.2017 PhDs in Logic
Judith Martens Philosophy and
Educational Research
19.05.2017 20.05.2017 Recent Developments in Mind and Language (Rutgers-University Workshop)
Maximilian Gebhard Chemistry and
10.06.2017 10.06.2017 netWORK2shop: Networking for PhD students at a jont conference
Anne Marie Borg Philosophy and
Educational Research
18.07.2017 19.07.2017

Workshop on Formal Models of Scientific Inquiry

Lisa Klocke History 20.07.2017 21.07.2017 High Middle Ages - Continuities and Changes
Marian Helm History 14.09.2017 15.09.2017 Spoils in the Middle Roman Republic – An Economy of Plunde
Sebastian Wuschka Law 15.09.2017 16.09.2017 Zeit und Internationales Recht
Astrid Gesper Chemistry and
22.09.2017 24.09.2017 Novel tools to investigate cellular physiology at the nanoscale
Anna Lena Caspari East Asian Studies 04.10.2017 05.10.201 Voices from East Asia: Civil Society Actors in Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development
and Humanitarian Assistance Governance (International Conference)
Lukas Groß Law 05.04.2018 06.04.2018 Young Research Network Meeting 'Disability Rights – Future concepts and research from a human
rights perspective'
Philipp Hanke Philology 24.04.2018 26.04.2018 Queer Temporalities and Media Aesthetics
Robert Schütze Philology 07.06.2018 09.06.2018 Money. Interdiscursive economies in Grimmelshausen
Friederike Pfister History 14.06.2018 16.06.2018 Foreign Knowledge – Medieval Attitudes towards the Unknown
Marian Helm History 18.09.2018 21.09.2018 Spoils in the Roman Republic – Boon and Bane
Anne Siebert IEE 08.11.2018 09.11.2018 IEE PhD Conference on International Development
Pia Goebel History 08.11.2018 10.11.2018 AGAINSTDOCUMENTATION
Nathalie Eleyth Protestant Theology 09.11.2018 09.11.2018 Kritische Sexarbeitsforschung
Saskia Geisler History 14.11.2018 16.11.2018 State-Led Modernization – a Tool to Analyze and Explain Wider Developments
Anna Lena Caspari East Asian Studies 05.12.2018 06.12.2018 Voices from East Asia 2.0: The Dual Challenge of Shrinking Civic Space and
Disseminating East Asian Perspectives Globally
Krzysztof Dolega Philosophy and
Educational Research
25.01.2019 26.01.2019 Predictive Processing, Consciousness, and Self
Julia Wolf Philosophy and
Educational Research
18.03.2019 19.03.2019 4th Bochum-Rutgers Workshop in Philosophy
Dominik Beyer Biology and
21.03.2019 22.03.2019 Animal Models of Affective Disorders
Elmarie Venter Philosophy and
Educational Research
23.05.2019 24.05.2019 Bochum Early Career Workshop in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
Christopher Badura Philosophy 27.06.2019 28.06.2019 Imagination, Fiction, and Epistemology
Maike Gruchot Mathematics 19.08.2019 23.08.2019 Perspectives on Linear Algebraic Groups
Robin Ramsahye Law 14.11.2019 15.11.2019 Forced Migration in Transition: Perspectives from Social Science and Law
Matej Kohar Philosophy and
Educational Research
28.11.2019 29.11.2019 Representations and mechanisms in cognitive neuroscience and psychology
Fiza Lee Malhorta IEE 28.11.2019 29.11.2019 Global Refugee Protection in the age of Securitization: A Tough Balancing Act Between
Alexander Wiegmann Philosophy and
Educational Research
24.02.2020 25.01.2020 Experimental philosophy of Language and Metaethics