RUB Research School

Organizational Structures

Take a Look at our Managing Structures and Committees

As illustrated in the graphic, Research School has an interconnected organizational structure with close ties to the faculties and rectorate. Our governance structure consists of the team including our managing director, a dean and deputy, our Executive Board, the Early Career Researchers Board, the Conference of Faculties  (Fakultätenkonferenz) as well as the International Advisory Board. In addition, Research School's Ombudsperson provides personal counseling and assistance with individual questions and concerns of RUB's doctoral researchers.

The various agents and bodies perform different tasks related to the goals and objectives of  Research School. They support the further development of our programs and offers as well as the selection process for our funding lines. Our team, the Early Career Researchers Board, the Executive Board as well as peer reviewers are integrated into our Quality Cycle of our funding program. Further details on the committees and their roles are specified in the "Ordnung der Research School", which you can find on the right.

Find out more about the different parts of our organizational sturctures:

Team - who we are, what we do and who to contact

Dean - leads Research School and represents its interests within and outside the university

Executive Board - discusses on programs and decides on funding lines

Early Career Researchers Board - quality assurance in the review and decision-making process for funding lines

Council of Deans - coordination between faculties and our Dean

International Advisory Board - bringing in renowned expertise for the development of Research School