RUB Research School

Research Associate Dr. Somnath Chakraborty

Research Assistantship 2022

Somnath was granted a Research Assistant Fellowship and stayed with Prof. Dr. Lederer for three months in 2022. Due to his promising work, the mathematician was offered a regular contract at the Chair of Statistics, Machine Learning & Data Science at the Faculty of Mathematics. Congratulations! Here is what Somnath says about Research School's support:

"I was supported by a RUB Research School assistantship during my three months visit to the Mathematical Statistics group led by Prof Lederer. This enabled me to focus on research and I gradually got to see the multi-dimensionality of the activities in the mathematical statistics group and more generally the mathematics faculty. I later received an offer as a postdoctoral researcher at Professor Lederer's group. I realize what an opportunity RUB Research School extended to me, and I am happy I could grab it"

Dear Somnath, welcome to Bochum!