RUB Research School

Internationalizing the own Research

Overview of former IRB-grantees

The Research School already awarded IRB funding to doctoral researchers from October 2013 to June 2016. At that time, the International Realisation Budget was not yet a prize, but one of the Research School's funding lines. The following table provides an overview of all funded doctoral researchers and their research projects.

First name Last name Faculty Title research project
Annika Engelbert Law Public Procurement Law in Sub-Saharan Africa - A Means to Curb Corruption?
Denis Thatenhorst Chemistry and Biochemistry Combination of Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy (STED) and Scanning Ion
Conductance Microscopy (SICM) for simultaneous observation of cytoskeleton and
membrane dynamics in neuronal growth cones
Lara Wiesche Economics Decision Support for Emergency Medical Services
Charlotte Lülf IEE Shared Responsibilities in International Law: Refuge in Europe – The Protection of People
Fleeing Armed Conflict
Pascale Willemsen   Causal and Moral Responsibility
Katharina Behmer Social Science Global Norms and Local Negotiations in Post-Conflict Societies: A Case Study on Gender
and the Politics of International Criminal Justice
Inke Schwedler Chemistry and Biochemistry Functional coordination network compounds
Nina Heindly Histrory Künstlerische Formen des Comics ausgehend vom Werk Chris Wares
Suttipong Wannapaiboon Chemistry and Biochemistry Liquid Phase Stepwise Fabrication of Metal-Organic Framework Thin Films: Their
Fundamental Growth Behaviors, Characterizations and Promising Applications
Francesco Marchi Philosophy and Educational Research Cognitive penetrability - Searching for a unified approach to visual experience in philosophy
and the neuroscience
Vasco Elbrecht Biology and Biotechnology Impact of multiple anthropogenic stressors on aquatic communities and biodiversity
assessment using community barcoding
Lukas Groß Law Behindertenrechte und die Implementierung von Art. 28 UN BRK in Uganda und Ghana
Anja Slany Economics Regional Integration in Africa
Daniel Skurt Philosophy and Educational Research Non-monotonic companions
Raffael Beier IEE Measuring Welfare Effects of Slum Clearance and Relocation Programmes - The Villes
Sans Bidonvilles Programme in Morocco
Dimitrij Siemens Physics and Astronomy Pions, nucleons and ∆
Markus Lindemann Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Development of optoelectronic spin-devices
Bettina Haasen Philology Zwischen Anwaltschaft und Manipulation – Journalismuskultur in politischen
Transformationskontexten am Beispiel Burundis während der Wahlen 2015. Berufliche
Einstellungen, Rollenbilder und Leistungen
Christian Georg Strippel Chemistry and Biochemistry Communicating contemporary chemical research in the public: public understanding of research in informal learning environments
Judith Golda Physics and Astronomy Spectroscopy of transient processes in microplasmas
Anna Natascha Bongers Philology Mappings of Postmodern Global Structures in Contemporary American Poetry
Bogdan Kravets Mechanical Engineering Development and application of the Lattice-Boltzmann-Method for modeling fluid flow with
particle-fluid heat transfer
Katrin Fenrich Law The Unexpected Effectiveness of Alternative Human Rights Mechanisms?
Mariana Aparecida Vilmondes Alves Law Framework of Good Governance in Housing Delivery: Assessing social protection programs
in Brazil and South Africa
Benedikt Janßen Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Hardware/Software Virtualization of Complex Embedded Systems
Isabel Großkreuz Geosciences Interlayer Expansion: Synthesis, Structure and Properties of metal-intercalated layered
Franziska Kring Law Fourteen years after the emergence of the Responsibility to Protect: A means to combat climat change?
Qian Ran Philosophy and Educational Research Das Verständnis der menschlichen Würde im Neokonfuzianismus
Jana Tarja Golombek History Please Fill The Gap – (Industrie)Kultur als postindustrieller Platzhalter? Oberschlesien, der
Großraum Pittsburgh und das Ruhrgebiet im Vergleich seit den 1980er Jahren
Tobias Ackermann Law Foreign Investments during Armed Conflicts: On the Interplay between International
Investment Law and International Humanitarian Law
Robin Ramsahye Law The right to land in international law
Tobias Fobbe Physics and Astronomy Improving the energy efficiency of 2-D charge carrier terahertz sources by using metamaterial resonators and waveguides
Leonid Ryvkin Mathematics Geometric Quantization of higher analogues of symplectic manifolds and their symmetries
Anne Schauenburg Mathematics Hyperplane arrangements of Weyl-type
Philipp Ahr Physics and Astronomy Electron heating in periodically structured electromagnetic fields
Tobias Christ Philology Die Rezeptionsproblematik der Nachtgesänge Hölderlins. Untersuchung zum Lektürekonzept
Callistus Akachabwon Agbaam IEE Determinants of Public Support for Social Protection Reforms in Developing Countries. The Case of Ghana
Jessica Bormann Biology and Biotechnology Characterization of small regulatory RNAs in the plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Christoph Senges Biology and Biotechnology Secondary metabolites and their impact on Streptomyces chartreusis
Alina Blusch IGSN Anti-inflammatory therapy in neurodegenerative diseases – fumarate treatment and Nrf2-
downstream signaling
Jesse Heyninck Philosophy and Educational Research Towards more Realistic Formal Models of Defeasible Reasoning Forms with a Special
Consideration Given to Their Combination and Argument Strength
Rouven Pilny Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Ultrashort pulse generation with edge emitting semiconductor diodes
Marcel Lenz Electrical Engineering and Information Technology New concepts for three dimensional imaging
Jens Rettkowski Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Design and Efficient Programming of Reconfigurable Multiprocessor Systems
Mark-Oliver Casper Philosophy and Educational Research Thinking Things. On Situating Inferences and Beliefs
Thomas Jurczyk Philology Holiness and Sainthood in the Context of the Early Armenian Church
Krzysztof Dolega Philosophy and Educational Research Consciousness in the Action-oriented Predictive Coding Framework
Nele Fabian East Asian Studies Social and Cultural Dimensions of Waste Treatment in Chinese Cities in the 19th and 20th
Ahmed Husic Philology Intersections between aspects of logic, ontology and philosophy of language in medieval
Arabic tawḥīd-, uṣūl ad-dīn and ʿilm al-kalām-Works
Isabelle Klasen Philosophy and Educational Research Theodor W. Adornos Begriff des Schönen
Anna Cordes Chemistry and Biochemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Investigations of Antibacterial Organometallic
Kenan Brulic Philology Logical-Ontological and Linguistic-Philosophical Problems and Controversies in Grammar
and Rhetoric Theories of the Arabic Middle Ages (Logisch-ontologische und
sprachphilosophische Probleme und Kontroversen in Grammatik- und Rhetoriktheorien des
arabischen Mittelalters)
Laura Hofmann IEE The protection of cultural property in the armed conflict in Syria – the role and
responsibilities of the international community
Judith Martens Philosophy and Educational Research Social Interaction and Mutual Understanding in Joint Action
Jasmin Fritzsche IEE The International Community, Domestic Policies and Forced Secondary Displacement of
Palestinian Refugees - A Vicious Circle?
Johnny Chhor Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Grid Conditioning of Decentralized Renewable Power Systems
Samiro Bojarra Biology and Biotechnology Multi-enzyme cascades for derivatizing bio-based molecules
Alrun Berger History Peace Movement and Marxism? West Germany and Great Britain: A Journey through the
Cold War (Friedensbewegung und Marxismus? Die Beispiele Westdeutschland und
Großbritannien. Ein Längsschnitt durch den Kalten Krieg)
Saskia Geisler History Finnish Construction Projects in the Soviet Union: Politics, Economy and workers'
experiences 1972-1990
Salma Naguib Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Design of Real-Time Networks-On-Chip for MPSoCs and Future Many-Cores
Tesfay Kiros Mebrahtu Geosciences Failure mechanisms and stability analysis of deep-seated landslides in the northwestern Rift escarpment, Ethiopia
Sebastian Wuschka Law Annexation and the Individual’s Rights under International Investment Law
Erol Sanal Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Flexibility of energy demand for high power industrial processes
Ihssan Madbouh IEE The responsibility of the U.N. to end an Occupation - Study on Palestine
Ana-Maria Nikolas Social Science The European anti-austerity network: How trade unions and social movements react to
windows of opportunities
Tobias Meißner Psychology Development of scene processing and navigation in school-aged children
Jasmin Sawicki History Arbeitstitel: Genese und Ausdifferenzierung neuer Bildformen für Heilige im Italien des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts (Working Title: Genesis and differentiation of new pictorial forms for
the saints in 15th and 16th century Italy)
Assem Abi Ali IEE Shaping Minority Representation and Interests in Turbulent States: The Case of the Druze in
Sabrina Coninx Philosophy and Educational Research Pain and Emotion
Britta Eggers Biology and Biotechnology Molecular pathophysiological effects in the clinical picture of Myofibrillar Myopathies
Lisa Koppka Economics Mathematical Optimization of Operating Theatre Planning
Junjie Meng Philology Entwicklung der Übersetzerkompetenz durch Lernaufgaben in Übersetzungslehrbüchern
Matthias Weber History The death of the bishop in the Early and High Middle Age