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Information regarding RUB Doctoral Database

Your Data at a Glance!

With the following pages we would like to give you a guide on how to enroll as a doctoral researcher at RUB and how to use the RUB doctoral database.
Since the winter semester 2011/12, you must be enrolled at RUB as a doctoral researcher according to the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia. Since the amendment in 2016, the Higher Education Statistics Act specifies which data must be recorded for the doctoral statistics; you can also find information on this in the RUB enrollment regulations.

Doctoral Database

The Ruhr-Universität Bochum lists doctoral researcher in the doctoral database. As stipulated in the enrollment regulations , each doctoral researcher must complete data that was recorded during enrollment by registering in the doctoral database. Only with this step the enrollment is completed. At the same time you are a member of the RUB Research School and can take advantage of the various offers.

Your Advantages of the Doctoral Database

By registering and keeping your personal profile in the doctoral database up to date, you help the RUB in particular to better understand the situation of doctoral researcher and to support them on the basis of reliable data. The information collected reflects the impact of your research at RUB and helps to compare standards with national and international levels.

Your Profile

Once you have registered in the doctoral database, you will automatically be taken to your personal profile the next time you log in. You can maintain part of your data yourself, independently of the RUB Registrar's Office.
Another advantage is that you can enter your research-related and personal qualifications that you acquire during your doctorate, manage them centrally and have them credited for the RUB Research School Certificate.  It represents your extended scientific qualification and your individual qualification profile. To get to the login please follow this link.