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We envision building a postdoc community on campus to encourage your academic networking and interdisciplinary exchange about your research and career.

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If you are interested in joining the Postdoc Network, we need your contact information. We also kindly ask you to provide a few voluntary details about your academic career, which will help us reach you and design networking opportunities and offers.

Postdoc@RUB Network - By Postdocs for Postdocs

"Are you a Postdoc working at RUB looking forward to getting to know other Postdocs? You have found the right place; you are not alone! Other Postdocs are spread around the RUB campus interested to meet with the other researchers like you.

The Postdoc@RUB aims to provide a platform where all postdoctoral researchers at the RUB can connect, learn from each other and feel supported. National and international young researchers are welcome and, whether you just arrived in Bochum or have lived here for years, the Postdoc@RUB network is here to welcome you.

This initiative wants to link Postdocs with different backgrounds that are interested in broadening their network, be part of social exciting events and develop useful skills in the academic environment. We want to build a network that makes postdocs feel welcomed and supported at the university.

We are looking forward to hearing from you – the Postdoc@RUB is brand new but is ready to grow!"

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Some browsers seem to have technical problems filling out and/or submitting the form. If you are affected by this, please feel free to send us your data by e-mail. We will add you to the postdoc network by hand immediately!