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Support for Your Teaching

University Didactics

For support in the area of teaching, Ruhr-Universität Bochum offers doctoral researchers involved in teaching a variety of support services through the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZfW). The main topics are general university didactics, e-learning and didactics of writing. In all three areas, both personal consultation and attendance of continuing education offers are possible.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning can support you in:

  • General university didactics, e.g.
    • How do I activate students?
    • How do I organize learning in groups?
    • How can I use my voice well in teaching?
    • How can I design exams?
  • E-Learning, e.g.
    • What possibilities does Moodle offer for teaching and how do I use them?
    • What features support the delivery and facilitation of my online seminars?
    • How can I use communication and collaboration tools in my teaching to promote learning?
  • Didactics of writing, e.g.
    • How do I support professional learning through writing assignments?
    • How can I meaningfully guide, supervise, and assess student work (assignments, essays, etc.)?

In addition to advice and training, the ZfW also offers a wide range of further information on the design of teaching on its homepage. In addition, you can obtain student support from the ZfW, especially for the implementation of e-learning, and raise money for e-learning projects.

Basic and advanced qualification offers in university didactics are offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZfW) of RUB including a certificate in university didactics recognized in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Individual support for your teaching is offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZfW) of RUB including offers like teaching portfolios, teaching observations and one-on-one video coaching.

Teaching Assistantships: Financial Support for International Doctoral Researchers to Engage in Teaching

Research School supports international doctoral researchers at RUB by awarding teaching asisstanships for one semester to engage in teaching and to gain initial or new, advanced teaching experience during their doctorate - all information about the Teaching Assistantships.