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My Profile in the Doctoral Database

If you have registered in the doctoral database, you will automatically be taken to your personal profile next time you login. Here you can maintain some of your data yourself, independently of the RUB Registrar's Office.

The doctoral database is updated from time to time. We therefore ask you to keep the data in your profile up to date and to fill in newly added fields.

My Qualification Profile

You can record your research-related and personal qualifications that you acquire during your doctorate, manage them and have them credited for the RUB Research School Certificate. To get to the login please follow this link.

How to Manage Qualification

In your personal profile you can manage your data as well as all activities during your doctorate. A yearly report is not needed.

Research School Participations

If you have participated in one of our workshops or interdisciplinary events they will be automatically added to your qualification profile and credited with the corresponding credit points.

Further Doctoral Qualifications

To add further qualifications, please enter them in the appropriate category and subcategory. Details about the categories can be found here. Subsequently, send the evidence to us by email. We will check and confirm the activity in your profile. Afterwards you will receive a notification by email.


As a rule, you can submit documents that clearly show your activity.

  • For example, if you are mentioned by name in a conference program with your contribution (paper or poster presentation), you can send the program.
  • Conference participations can be proven e.g. with your registration confirmation or travel expense claim.
  • For teaching activities, a screenshot from the online course catalog is sufficient. If you are not named, you can also submit an informal letter from the module supervisor indicating the events and duration of teaching activities.
  • Unsure if the evidence is sufficient?  Mail us. We will get back to you if we have any questions about individual verifications.

You are Unsure if an Activity can be Credited?

We are pleased to support you in any questions about crediting.

You Want to Apply for PR.INT (Requirement: 4CP)?

In case you want to apply for the funding Print Internatinal (PR.INT) and you are already doing your doctorate for more than 1 year, you have to provide 4 CP that would fit within the 12CP RUB Research School certificate. The activities can also be divided on different categories. The only important thing is that 4 CP are proven in total.

Detailed information regarding the categories and a calculator (which activity can be credited with how many CP) can be found on the Research School Certificate page.



Important Note: If you have received a doctoral card without a chip and can not login

You are welcome to email us data updates or activities with the evidence you want to add. We will transfer them to your profile and give you feedback in a timely manner.

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