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Ca_04: PRESENCE How to Apply for Jobs in German Industry that are Published in English: Finding and Understanding Job Advertisements and Preparing Professional Applications in English

For doctoral researchers from all research fields | Level all

Workshop in Person
Time: 09:00 - 17:00 hrs
Trainer: Alexandra Schneider
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: acknowledged with 0,25 CP for RUB-RS Certificate

The workshop is particularly suitable for
Doctoral students who are aiming for a position in the German industry after their doctorate. Based on the fact that a growing number of companies – not only the international ones - publish job advertisements in English, the workshop will highlight the requirements for convincing application documents and explain how to be successful with your application and how to deal with any problem that may arise.

Course content
This workshop provides essential information and proven tips on how to apply for jobs in Germany that are written in English - starting with the German labor market’s development towards English applications followed by the importance of job and company research and how to prepare a convincing CV and Cover Letter. Examples of the most relevant aspects will be given, and individual questions on behalf of the participants will be answered - always with concrete reference to currently valid requirements and trends on the application market.

The following topics and questions will be discussed during the workshop:

  • Why do English applications grow in importance within the German labor market?
  • Finding and analyzing suitable job advertisements?
  • How to create a Curriculum Vitae? Which information has to be included?
  • How to write a Cover Letter? Which information has to be included?
  • What are the differences between English applications for the German labor market and the international labor market?
  • Practical exercises and discussing the most important questions on the part of the participants

Alexandra Schneider is an experienced consultant and long-standing professional with a special expertise in writing professional applications in English at Bochumer webschmiede GmbH, which offers numerous services relating to careers and applications and is familiar with the latest application trends thanks to its close contacts with companies:

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