RUB Research School

Knowledge and Competencies for Your Research

Offers for Your Personal Development as a Scientist

You acquire core research competencies by doing research in your doctorate: You discuss state-of-the-art research and develop your methodological skills at your chairs, faculties, and within your research communities.

However, being successful as scientist also depends on personal, analytical and interpersonal skills. Those make you highly competent in designing your research, publishing your results, presenting your work at conferences, communicating successfully within your research environment, and collaborating with others.

Beyond your research knowledge, it is highly career-relevalt to understand the system behind: it will enable you to develop your own understanding of what “doing a doctorate” and “being a researcher” mean and what strategies are helpful in getting started, managing, and finishing your doctorate.

We offer workshops and events providing early insights into the research system, develop your personal competencies for research, and profile your self-understanding as doctoral researchers. These offers are designed to promote your personal development and to raise your awareness for the frameworks and conditions in research as well as the roles and responsibilities early in your career: