RUB Research School

Research Associate Dr. Vivian Peuker Steinhäuser

Virtual Career Fair in Brazil 2021

Vivian got in touch with RUB Research School at a virtual career fair for researchers from Brazil in 2021. RS served as a go-between and estabslihed contact with Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bröring, Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Models at the Faculty of Management and Economics. Vivian applied for a current job opening, got the job and moved from Brazil to Bochum in 2022!

It was all very dynamic! From my first contact with the intention for a 3-month fellowship to a Postdoc position at the Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovative Business Models at CEIT/RUB it took us less than 2 months! I've been in Germany for two and a half months now, in a dynamic and open-minded team. Learning about the German academic system is being a valuable experience, which I am learning day by day.

Welcome to Bochum, dear Vivian!