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Personal Skills for Your Career

Workshops: Career Planning, Leadership & Management

A doctorate opens up many career paths: in research as well as outside academia.

Your doctorate provides you with an advanced scientific qualification with in-depth specialist knowledge, sound methodological competence, and an extended research expertise in your field.

But a doctorate also qualifies you beyond research by advancing your personal competencies that are relevant for various career paths: working independently and self-organised, developing problem-solving strategies, transferring knowledge, strengthening communicative and social competencies, taking personal responsibility, thinking structuredly in complex contexts.

Your research expertise, together with your advanced personal competencies, is an important career factor for all career paths: in academia, industry, or the public sector.

We support you in profiling your personal skill sets for a career in- and outside academia. Our workshops provide orientation for your career planning and convey initial qualifications in career-related, professional skills:

Ca_01: PRESENCE Career transition from research to business level all all research fields 06.-07.03.2023
Ca_02: ONLINE Bewerben in der Wirtschaft – Stellensuche & Bewerbung (3 Online-Webinare à 1,5 Std. + Selbstlerneinheiten) Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 14.03., 21.03. + 04.04.2023 (je 1,5 Std.)
Ca_03: PRÄSENZ Die eigene Persönlichkeit reflektieren und (Karriere)Perspektiven entwickeln (Workshop + Persönlichkeitstest mit Auswertung) Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 23.-24.05.2023
Ca_04: PRÄSENZ Karriereplanung: Fach- oder Führungskraft? Ein Wegweisendes Seminar (Workshop + Persönlichkeitstest mit Auswertung) Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 06.-07.09.2023
Ca_05: ONLINE Bewerben in der Wirtschaft: Stellenausschreibungen verstehen und professionelle Bewerbungsunterlagen erstellen (2 x 4 Std.) Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 19.-20.09.2023 (je 4 Std.)
Ca_06: ONLINE How to Apply for Jobs in German Industry that are Published in English: Finding and Understanding Job Advertisements and Preparing Professional Applications in English (2 x 4 hrs) Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 13.-14.09.2023 (4 hrs each)
Ca_07: ONLINE Kenne Deine Stärken, finde Deinen Job auf dem außerakademischen Arbeitsmarkt Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 20.09. + 28.09.2023 
Ca_08: ONLINE Bewerben in der Wirtschaft - Gehalt und Vorstellungsgespräch (3 Online-Webinare à 1,5-2 Std. + Selbstlerneinheiten) Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 09.11., 16.11. + 23.11.2023 (je 1,5 -2 Std)


Le_02: ONLINE Mitarbeiterführung und Leadership lernen: die erste Führungsrolle professionell vorbereitet meistern Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 26.-27.04.2023 
Le_03: ONLINE Managing Time & Tasks: setting priorities, dealing with stress and the unplannable level all  all research fields 23.06.2023
Le_04: PRÄSENZ Umgang mit "Performance Druck" Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 04.07.2023
Le_01: PRÄSENZ Projektmanagement: Grundlagen für Projekte in Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 04.-05.07.2023
Le_05: ONLINE Project and self-management for doctoral projects level all all research fields 05.- 07.09.2023 (4 hrs each day)
Le_06: PRÄSENZ Selbstführung level all all research fields 26.-27.10.23


Your Feedback Matters

All offers are regularly evaluated by the participants and we offer workshops that are highly recommended by the participants. This allows us to develop our program according to your needs and demands and we are always open to your suggestions and wishes.