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Offers in Science Communication & Knowledge Transfer

Our offers in the fields of Science Communication & Knowledge Transfer prepare you to take responsibility in research as well as in society. You will acquire basic knowledge and first competencies to communicate your research and expertise outside of research and to share it with non-university target groups and stakeholders.

Our program supports you to communicate your research results to non-scientific audiences, to interest non-university actors in your own research, to use your research for complex societal issues, and maybe even to develop new ideas together with non-experts.

You will be able to reflect on goals, roles, and requirements for communicating your research to non-scientific groups and discover possible potentials of your research for knowledge transfer and/or collaboration with actors from business, society, and politics.

KT_01: PRÄSENZ Wissenschaftskommunikation – Komplexe Forschungsinhalte verständlich darstellen Level alle alle Forschungsbereiche 28.-29.03.2023 
KT_02: PRÄSENZ Wissenschaftliche Themen journalistisch kommunizieren Level alle  alle Forschungsbereiche 28.-29.11.2023 (1,5 Tage)


2-year qualification program with basic and advanced modules to impart professional knowledge and skills in the fields of policy advice and knowledge transfer from research to society (in German).

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Public Engagement & Open Science

Public engagement in Science is part of Open Science with the goal of making researcn usable and understandable for non-scientific stakeholders and involving non-university partners in the research discussion.

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Dr. Ursula Justus

Video Tutorials, Guidelines & Best Practice

SCISO - Science with Society: Video tutorials on science ethics and science communication
(Global Young Academy & NaWikfunded by Volkswagen Foundation):
YouTube Channel

NaWik - Nationales Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation:
YouTube Channel

Praxisempfehlungen zu kritischen Interaktionssituationen in der Wissenschaftskommunikation

Scicomm-Support - Anlaufstelle bei Angriffen und unsachlichen Konflikten in der Wissenschaftskommunikation

DFG Video Series Science Communication in Social Media:

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