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The decision-making process of our funding lines PR.INT and PR.INT Event consists of three steps. The first is a peer review process. We cordially invite you to this unique opportunity in Germany to gain experience as a reviewer in this early career stage as a doctoral researcher!

There are good reasons to become a reviewer

Being a reviewer is highly beneficial for RUB’s doctoral researchers as your participation not only enables the granting of Research School funding in the first place but also improves significant research and transferable skills that will boost your chances for a successful career.

You will enhance your ability to write well-structured texts, screen key aspects from comprehensive statements, and successfully propose for subsidies yourself – features that are in high demand both inside and outside academia.

As registered reviewer, you will be asked to provide reviews for funding proposals of your peers and will receive a review template as well as an overview of our criteria of conflict, which are based on those of the DFG. As reviewer, you will receive feedback on your reviews from members of the ECR Board.

+++ Expert lunch – How to review PR.INT Applications +++

You are already a reviewer, or would you like to become one?

We would like to give you further insights into the tasks of the reviewer and the function of the review in PR.INT. Therefore, we  offer you an digital expert exchange with members of the Early Career Researchers Board and the Executive Board. The members of these two boards are involved in the review of PR.INT applications alongside the reviewers and work with the reviewers' elaborations.

  • You will learn
  • What is my role as a reviewer?
  • How do I read the application to be reviewed?
  • What is expected of me in the review and how do I respond to the expectations?
  • How do I arrive at a reliable assessment of the application?

Upcoming dates:

Februay 8, 12-2 pm

May 15, 12-2 pm

November 13, 12-2 pm

If you want to take part, please send a mail to Sarah Gemicioglu

How to register as a reviewer for RUB Research School

You want to start reviewing PR.INT applications? Then register as reviewer sending following data to Sarah Gemicioglu:

  • name
  • mail
  • faculty
  • chair
  • field of expertise
Your contact:

Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu

Did you know?
  • Reviews by doctoral researchers are the core of our review process as they are the first stage of our quality cycle. Without doctoral reviewers, RS would not be able to grant any PR.INT or PR.INT Event funding!
  • We will certify your work as  reviewer, of course.