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In your first career steps as a postdoc, you expand both your scientific and international research networks. International collaborations increase your international visibility and broaden your international research experience. You can conduct research with leading international scientists in your field, expand your scientific expertise, get to know other research systems, and gain intercultural competencies.

You can build your own international network through shorter research or teaching stays at an international research institution, participate in international conferences, or publish with international scholars.

We help you to get an overview of funding opportunities for shorter research stays abroad and support you with our own funding program to participate in important national and/or international conferences.

If you would like to get an overview of funding programs, please feel welcome to contact us.

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Advice on Shorter Research Stays Abroad

There are cross-disciplinary as well as subject- or country-specific funding programs that support shorter stays abroad (1-12 months) throughout your time as a postdoc at RUB. In almost all funding programs you can define the duration of the stay within predefined eligibility conditions. Most programs finance your research stay through scholarships covering your living and travel expenses as well offering family allowances. You will need contacts to a scientific host abroad as well as a temporary research project that  you will carry out in consultation with your international host.

Funding Program RUB Research School: Int.Mo.P - Funding Conference Participations for Postdocs up to two years after completing their doctorate

RUB Research School supports their postdocs up to two years after the completion of their doctorate to participate in important national and/or international conferences. You can apply for a conference support up to max. 2,000 euros per conference to present the results of your doctoral project or your recent postdoc project. The conference must have an international focus and the grantees have to give a talk. Additional activities, such as a poster presentation, moderations, etc, are welcome. Postdocs can be funded twice under this program line.

Information about funding opportunities to go abroad (by funding organisations):

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If you would like advice on funding opportunities for shorter research stays abroad, please feel free to contact:
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