RUB Research School

Global Young Faculty Event

Be part of it

Discuss the impact of international research experience on your academic career with your peers and experienced researchers

Research Academy Ruhr invites all postdoctoral and advanced doctoral researchers from our three UA Ruhr universities. It makes no difference whether you are permanently employed, hold a fellowship, are a guest on a flying visit, come from Germany or the rest of the world. 

Use this unique opportunity to meet experienced researchers who will be sharing their personal experiences and knowledge of the impact of going abroad. Get connected with your peers and broaden your network.

Are you planning a research stay abroad during your postdoc? Have you just arrived to the Ruhr area and trying to connect to your peers?

You will also have the chance to get in touch with representatives of the hosting institution Research Academy Ruhr and its three members RUB Research School, Graduate Center Plus (UDE) and Graduiertenzentrum (TUDo).

24 June 2024 | 16:00–18:00 h | Ruhr University Bochum Veranstaltungszentrum