RUB Research School

Internationalize Your Doctorate

PR.INT - Project International

If you have a concrete international project in mind, PR.INT is the right funding opportunity for you. Possible projects are:

  • Research stays & lab visits
  • Field research
  • Inviting guest scientists to RUB
  • Conference/workshop/summer school participations within a “PR.INT package” (see below under special cases)
  • Internships
  • Other

Please feel free to apply with different international projects by choosing the project type "other" in the application form. We highly encourage you to develop innovative projects that might not fit the above mentioned categories. All applications have to be written in English and in a way that they are also comprehensible for non-experts.


When applying for PR.INT, you need to calculate your budget as precisely as possible, given the time period between your application and the beginning of your project. Please check our expenditure guide to see which costs you can apply for. There is no funding amount limit.


Every enroled doctoral researcher at RUB who is registered in the Research School Database can apply for PR.INT. You should have obtained at least 4 credit points with the Research School qualification program, or with a structured doctoral program such as IGB, IDS or GSCB. You also must be able to finish your project before your final doctoral examination.

It is also possible to have CPs recognized. Please contact Nena Nikolic if you want to know which activities can be credited with how many CP.

Master’s students are not eligible for our funding lines. However, master’s students have the opportunity to fund research stays abroad via LabExchange by inSTUDIESplus. With inSTUDIESplus, doctoral researchers who apply for PR.INT funding can integrate master’s students into their projects.

Review Criteria

The reviewers will evaluate all applications according to the following criteria:

  • Formal completeness of the application & General comprehensibility for non-experts
  • Scientific quality and general significance of the international project
  • Significance and impact of the international project on your doctoral project as a whole & on your international network & visibility
  • Sustainable impact of the international project on RUB’s international network & visibility
  • Reasonable specification of costs

Besides the application form, your application contains the following documents:

  • Letter of recommendation from your first supervisor
  • Letter if invitation that indicates the duration or dates of your stay
    (if you are going on a research stay, lab visit etc.)
  • A structured work plan
  • A structured budget plan

Review Process

First, PR.INT applications are reviewed by two doctoral researchers – one from your discipline and a second one from a different field. Second, both your application and the two resultung reviews are then analysed by our ECR Board, which gives a funding recommendation. Finally, the Executive Board makes the final decision based on your application and the preceding feedback from the reviewers and the ECR board.


Please find the application form here. Refer to this PDF for questions to be answered and the corresponding notes and lengths. Please send us your application with all other documents in a single PDF file by e-mail to Sarah Gemicioglu.

If you have any further questions about PR.INT, please see the reference to the information event at the bottom of this page.


Submission by Estimated Decision
15.03.2023 05.07.2023
12.04.2023 02.08.2023
17.05.2023 06.09.2023
14.06.2023 04.10.2023
12.07.2023 01.11.2023
16.08.2023 06.12.2023
13.09.2023 03.01.2024
18.10.2023 07.02.2024
15.11.2023 06.03.2024
13.12.2023 03.04.2024

Special Cases

  • By choosing the project type "package application", it is possible to combine two or even more international projects (e.g. a research stay with a conference/workshop/summer school participation). Important note: you must not combine conferences, workshops & summer schools only.
  • Usually, conference/workshop/summer school participations should be active (poster or talk).
  • If a group of doctoral researchers wants to do the same project at the same time and place, every applicant has to hand in their own application. In these applications please explain why you travel in a group. Important note: Please contact Sarah Gemicioglu if you plan a group project.

Virtual Info Sessions

Please take a look at all the information on this page first. If you still have questions, please feel free to attend one of the virtual 30-minute info sessions.

To register, send an email to Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu stating the date of the session:

  • Wednesday, 26 July, 1 pm
  • Thursday, 10 August, 10 am
  • Wednesday, 23 August, 1 pm
  • Wednesday 27. September, 1 pm
  • Thursday, 12 October, 10 am
  • Wednesday, 25 October, 1 pm
  • Thursday, 9 November, 10 am
  • Wednesday, 22 November, 1 pm
  • Thursday, 14  December, 10 am