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The Executive Board

Our Institutionalized Link to the Faculties

RUB’s faculties delegate representatives to the Executive Board in a biennial rotation, ensuring the regular representation of all faculties by researchers of all career levels - from doctoral researchers to postdocs to professors.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Executive Board, approach your faculty in time!

Composition of the Executive Board

The Executive Board (Ex-Board) consists of ten members. Eight of these are RUB researchers from all career levels:

  • Four professors and their deputies
  • Two postdocs and their deputies
  • Two doctoral researchers and their deputies

The members represent all research fields at RUB: the Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Life Sciences, and Engineering Sciences. This allows a close exchange between the faculties and RUB Research School on all matters concerning early career researchers at our university. Many of these members are already experienced in internationalizing their research. Within the Executive Board, the members can gain insights on how Research School enables early career researchers to build up their own international network.  

The Executive Board is completed by two members of RUB Research School:

  • The Dean
  • The Managing Director

Responsibilities of the Executive Board

The Executive Board makes final decisions on applications for Research Schools’ funding lines. There are different review processes involved including reviews by RUB’s doctoral or postdoctoral community or oral presentations in colloquia. Based on the results of these reviewing processes, the Executive Board makes its funding decision.

It also advises and decides on the introduction, continuation, adjustment, or discontinuation of Research School programs and funding lines based on the participants’ evaluation.

Members of the Executive Board 2023/2024

Your contact:

Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu

You want to be a part of the Executive Board?

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about participating in the Executive Board.

RUB Research School Quality Cycle

The Executive Board is an important part of RUB Research School's Quality Cycle. Find out more here.