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The RUB Research School Certificate is a supplementary document you can gain in addition to your doctoral degree certificate. It displays the courses, colloquia, meetings, as well as conferences and workshops you attended during your doctorate. It reflects your extended academic qualification and your individual competence profile by listing your activities in discussing state-of-the-art research, your personal skill development, and your ability to discuss research even across disciplinary borders.

You decide whether you would like to receive the Research School Certificate and you can make this decision until the end of your doctorate. The certificate is awarded with the completion of a doctoral training program that requires a minimum of 12 CPs. You follow a curriculum that is defined by an open qualification frame and can bring in activities, courses, workshops, and events you participated in during your doctorate.

The Research School Certificate requires activities in the following qualification areas with a minimum of credit points in each category. Your activities will be acknowledged following a credit point calculation based on the attendance duration of individual training activities:

Actively contributing to research and the ongoing research discussions are key competencies of researchers. The activities in this category show that you are participating in state-of-the-art research discussions and can represent your own research. Your activites can be distributed among the following subcategories as desired:

Active contribution to research: talks or posters at conferences, meetings etc.

Discussion on recent scientific knowledge: participation in colloquia, summer schools, seminars, lectures, journal clubs, conferences etc.

Discussion on special research methods: method courses, workshops in methods, methodological summer schools etc.

Communicating and exchanging about research beyond disciplinary borders is a competence RUB Research School puts a special emphasis on. For the certificate you have to participate at least once during your doctorate in the following two multidisciplinary events:

Research Day

Science College

Personal competencies are important for conducting, managing and communicating your research but also for planning and making your career. Activities in this category show that you participated in activities actively developing your personal skills. Your activites can be distributed among the following subcategories as desired:

Scientific writing

Scientific presentation


Career training

Teaching: your teaching activities will be acknowledged with 1 CP altogether

Credit Point Calculation

The CPs are generally calculated according to the attendance duration of individual training activities:

Research-related qualification

active participation by at least 2 hrs/week regular during semester or more than 3 days2 CP
active participation by 1 hr/week regular during semester or 2 – 3 days1 CP
active participation 0,5 - 1 day0,5 CP
poster/talk 2 CP
teaching activities (in total)1 CP

Personal competencies & Multidisciplinary events

workshop participation 0,5 - 1 day0,25 CP
workshop participation 2 days0,75 CP
workshop participation 3 days1 CP
interdisciplinary events of RUB-RS (Science College, Research Communication Day)0,5 CP
GSCB, IGB, IDS, IGSN, GRK & other doctoral programs

Doctoral researchers who participate in existing doctoral training programs on campus can combine activities of their doctoral training programme with the requirements of the RUB Research School Certificate and vice versa (details about your doctoral training programme are regulated by your respective programme).

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