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Decision Making Process of Our Funding Lines

Get to Know the Research School's Awarding Procedure

At Research School, doctoral researchers and postdocs can apply for funding in various funding lines and thus obtain funding for different activities. Research School awards funding for the internationalization of their  research and for teaching activities of international doctoral researchers. It also coordinates the awarding of the final scholarships of the Wilhelm and Günter Esser Stiftung and the prize of the Gesellschaft der Freunde der Ruhr-Universität Bochum e.V.

For the awarding procedure, Research School has developed a quality-based review process in which reviewers, the Early Careeer Researchers Board, and the Executive Board decide on the applications from the individual funding lines. The review procedures differ from funding line to funding line. However, they all have the same basis, Research School's Quality Cycle.

A very central aspect of our Quality Cycle are the doctoral reviewers. At Research School, they take over the role of reviewers at an early stage in their academic career and thus help decide on the allocation of funds within the framework of individual funding lines. We kindly invite all doctoral researchers to become a reviewer.


RUB RS Quality Cycle

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Doctoral peer review

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