RUB Research School

Responsibility for Research

Workshops and Support for Managing Your Research

As researcher with a completed PhD you are experienced in managing the day-to-day aspects of your research. Maybe you also experienced, that being responsible for your research also means to rely on frameworks, taking over responsibilities or participating in general discussions that go beyond your individual project.

Within the last years additional responsibilities of researchers have been identified which become more and more important for being responsible in research. They also become more and more significant for making a research career. Our offers aim to make visible these developments and more general discussions in research. They support you in gaining deeper knowledge and broader expertise in extended research management skills and in taking over extended responsibility for your research:

For your research it can also be interesting and helpful to get to know the larger research context as well as the administrative infrastructure of RUB. We are therefore in the process of making relevant information and qualification offers visible in an overview and publishing it later on this page.