RUB Research School

Our Returnees

From Short-term Visitors to Long-term Postdocs at RUB

Besides the expansion of RUB's research networks, international knowledge transfer, and numerous joint publications, our mobility programs have provided the foundation for the acquisition of various fellowships and associated stays of international young researchers at RUB:

Dr. Hossein Jafarzadeh • Iran • Mechanical Engineering • Humboldt Fellowship

RER provides a great international atmosphere with a mixture of science, culture, friendship, and fun. It helped me tremendously in getting my Humboldt fellowship!

Dr. Tomohiro Uchiyama • Japan • Mathematics • Humboldt Fellowship

Knowing the research environment such as people and facilities definitely helps when you apply for a Humboldt fellowship.

Dr. Ernesto Santoro • Italy • Chemistry • RESOMUS postdoc fellowship (EU/MSCA)

Part of the success resides in the help that the staff of the research program provided to me

Dr. Susana Carmona Castillo • Colombia • Social Sciences Regular postdoc contract

RER was a great experience. I met amazing people and found a great group in Bochum, where I began my postdoc career and learned about European academia.

Dr. Artur Pilacinski • Poland • Medicine • Regular postdoc contract

My visit through the Research Assistantship resulted in a regular position at the Faculty of Medicine for the next four years!

Dr. Dieter Reinisch • Austria • History • DAAD Postdoc Fellow + Research Assistantship

RER was a crucial step in my successful grant application process.

Dr. Helson Vale • Brazil • Biology •  CAPES/Humboldt Fellowship

Dr. Tran Tan Nhat • Vietnam • Mathematics •  Humboldt Fellowship

Dr. Xiaoqiang Hu • China • Chemistry • to RESOLV postdoc fellowship

Alexandre Kuciak • Brazil • Philology •  DAAD Scholarship

Dr. Liam Byrne • Australia • History • DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow (Cologne & Bochum)

Dr. Hernan Maltz • Argentina • Philology • Research Explorer to Research Assistantship

Dr. Wiktor Marzec • Poland • History • Research Explorer to Research Assistantship

Dr. Adam Simmons • UK • History • Research Explorer to Research Assistantship

Dr. Jacinto Páez • Chile • Philosophy • Research Explorer to Research Assistantship

Dr. Fatemeh Mamashli • Iran • Medicine • Research Explorer to Research Assistantship