RUB Research School

Individual Support and Advice

We Help with Information & Orientation

We are happy to help you in a personal consultation and offer individual support on questions related to the topic of doing a doctorate. We are also glad to assist you with questions and concerns you may have regarding your personal doctoral situation and for which you are seeking for personal guidance.

You are always welcome to contact us if you face questions such as:

  • Should I start a doctorate and what is important to know?
  • How do I plan a doctorate and what information do I need?
  • What should I consider when starting a doctorate? What are the most important organizational steps?
  • How can I (re)gain personal orientation and my own strategies for my doctoral situation?
  • How can I clarify and overcome difficult situations or a personal crisis?
  • Should I continue as a postdoc and what is important to know for this?
  • How do I finance my doctorate, specifically through funding programs?

We can also support you with questions about funding opportunities for your doctorate as well as questions about binational doctorates (Cotutelle de thèse).

In addition, the Ombudsperson for doctoral researchers at RUB Research School is always available as a contact person. There you will find help and support in critical situations that you cannot solve on your own.