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Open Access to Research Literature

Open Access Publications

Open Access (OA) refers to free and unpaid access to scientific publications on the Internet. As a form of publication, Open Access is now established in many disciplines alongside traditional publishing with restricted access (closed access). Research funding bodies have also included open access in their funding guidelines, either as a mandatory requirement (EU) or as a recommendation (DFG, BMBF).

Open Access publications enable openly accessible, traceable and free access to publications and are part of Open Science with the aim of making scientific processes transparent, public and reusable.

Advantages of Open Access publications:

  • they are freely accessible worldwide directly upon publication and are therefore more visible
  • they are cited more frequently
  • they can be found in numerous renowned databases
  • authors retain the right of use for their own publications

RUB members can apply for funding for publication in Open Access journals (Golden Route of Open Access). It is possible to publish dissertations, postdoctoral theses, and second publications in Open Access via RUB's document repository (Green Route of Open Access). The university library will support you with questions regarding Open Access publications.