RUB Research School


Academic Career Development for Female Researchers

mentoring³ is a mentoring program designed for the academic career development for female early career researchers of all subject fields within University Alliance Ruhr. The program consists of a line for doctoral researchers and a line for postdoctoral researchers.

What Does mentoring³ Offer?

The programme's key focus will be on the dialogue with your mentor. Over a period of two years you will benefit from a personal exchange with an experienced professor or researcher. In trusting conversations you will receive advice on career planning and expand your understanding of structures and rules in the academic world.

A varied event program accompanies the mentoring relationship over the entire period. In interdisciplinary workshops, you will prepare yourself for leadership tasks in university and non-university research, clarify beneficial career strategies and strengthen your personal key competencies. Network meetings offer you the opportunity to exchange experiences with peers and to expand your academic network.

The mentoring groups will be arranged according to respective subjects groups so that the we can take into account the subject-specific conditions of the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.

Who Can Participate?

In annual cycles, a program line for alternately female doctoral or female postdoctoral researchers of the UA Ruhr universities starts each October. Each program line runs for two years.

The official language is German. The one-to-one mentoring sessions can be held in English if required.