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The Early Career Researchers Board

Taking Part in Our Decision Making Process

The Early Career Researchers Board (ECR-Board) plays an important role in awarding grants under the Research School's “Research Around the World program” and other funding lines. It serves as quality assurance and is involved in the review and decision-making processes within the framework of the competitive selection procedures.

Composition of Early Career Researchers Board

Each of RUB’s faculties delegates two postdoc representatives to the Early Career Researchers Board in a biennial rotation. One of them should be a junior research group leader or a junior-professor and one should belong to the group of the other postdocs on campus. This member composition represents all research areas at RUB: Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Life Sciences, and Engineering Sciences.

The Board benefits from the members' experience in building their own international networks and the members can gain insights in Research School’s funding lines that supports international activities of early career researchers.

Responsibilities of Early Career Researchers Board 

The ECR-Board is a virtual body and the members--depending on the research areas of the applications--are asked to act once a month. According to the different funding lines, the ECR-Board has different responsibilities in the decision-making process:

  • Reviewer on applications
  • Rapporteur
  • Providing feedback on reviews of doctoral researchers
  • Member of selection colloquia

Members of the ECR Board 2023/2024

Your contact:

Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu

You want to be a part of the Early Career Researchers Board?

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about participating in the ECR Board.

RUB Research School Quality Cycle

The Early Career Researchers Board is an important part of RUB Research School's Quality Cycle. Find out more here.