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We have made great efforts to compile helpful and guiding information about our programs, services, and operations on our web pages. Therefore, please first obtain a comprehensive overview here. If you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Christiane Wüllner

Managing Director
RUB Research School

Room: FNO 01/143
Email: Dr. Christiane Wüllner

Appointments upon request

Dr. Ursula Justus

Advising Doctoral Researchers & Postdocs
Ombudsperson (Certified Coach & MHFA)
Workshop Programmes

Room: FNO 01/142
Email: Dr. Ursula Justus
Phone: +49(0)234-32-28070

Consultation by appointment

Dr. Jörn Benzinger

Global Talent Acquisition
International Affairs

Room: FNO 01/136
EmailDr. Jörn Benzinger
Phone:  +49 234 32 27124
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Please reach out for individual (virtual) appointments!

Contact for all incoming mobility funds.

Sylke Hallmann


Room: FNO 01/141
EmailSylke Hallmann
Phone:  +49-(0)234-32-29197

Appointments upon request

Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu

Outgoing Funding Lines Coordination & Consulting (PR.INTPR.INT EventIRBInt.Mo.P.)

Sylff Mikrokolleg

Room: FNO 01/146
Email: Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu
Phone:  +49-(0)234-32-27109

Please get in touch for

Dr. Nicolas Lindner

Coordination & Consulting
(esp. Gateway Fellowship, GdF Prize, Esser stipend, Binational PhD)

Room: FNO 01/141
Email: Nicolas Lindner
Phone:  +49-(0)234-32-28179

Please get in touch for appointments!

Maria Schregel (ehem. Sprung)

Management assistance

Room: FNO 01/144
Email: Maria Schregel
Phone: +49(0)234-32-27890

Consultation by appointment.

Raphaela Willwerth

on parental leave


Room: FNO 01/140
Email: Raphaela Willwerth
Phone:  +49-(0)234-32-27708

Appointments upon request

Katharina Habon


Room: FNO 01/140
Email: Katharina Habon
Phone:  +49-(0)234-32-27708

Appointments upon request

Mandy Gerwert (former Duckheim)

on parental leave 


Room: FNO 01/140
EmailMandy Gerwert
Phone:  +49-(0)234-32-21822

Appointments upon request

Nena Nikolic

Enrolment Procedure & Database Registration

Room: FNO 01/139
Email: Nena Nikolic
Phone: +49-(0)234-32-28136

Registration Office Hours:
Wed:  9:00-12:00h
Thu. 13:00-16:00h

Judith Höhner

Doctoral Database Administrator

Room: FNO 01/146
Email: Judith Höhner
Phone: +49-(0)234-32-29236


Office Dog (100% Home Office) 

Appointments on request or by chance

Research Academy Ruhr

Since 2017, Research School has been cooperating with the Graduate Center TU Dortmund and the Graduate Center Plus of the University of Duisburg-Essen to support early career researchers within the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr). This joint initiative is called Research Academy Ruhr (RAR).

As a proud part of Research Academy Ruhr, we share not only ideas, but also floor 01 of the FNO building with its coordinator. 

Dr. Kirstin Schreiber

Coordination Research Academy Ruhr

Room: FNO 01/133
Phone:  +49-(0)234-32-29239

Appointments upon request