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Organize Your Individual International Event at RUB

PR.INT Event - International Conferences and Workshops at Home

With PR.INT Event, you can organize your own international event at RUB. This can be a conference, a workshop, a symposium, or a summer school.

The aim of PR.INT Event is to give our doctoral researchers the opportunity to establish and expand their own international network and to internationalize their research. The funding line intends to increase the visibility of both researchers and RUB alike. Our doctoral researchers are given the opportunity to independently organise highly individual events that meet their needs and are tailored to their own research. In addition to scientific exchange, they also have the opportunity to gain experience in organising conferences.

You can submit an application as a single applicant or as a group with other doctoral researchers. All applications have to be written in English.

Read more about the doctoral researchers who have been funded since 2020 and their international events and get inspired.


There is no fixed funding scheme for your event. Please develop an adequate budget plan and submit it with your application. The funding covers the following costs:

  • Venue
  • Travel and accommodation costs for speakers
  • Catering
  • If the application is approved, an overhead of 10% will be granted on top for marketing and organizational matters (e.g. flyers, posters, student assistant).

Please check our expenditure guide to see which costs you can apply for. There is no funding amount limit. For further information on the reimbursement procedure, please click here.


Every enrolled doctoral researcher at RUB can apply for PR.INT Event.

You should have obtained at least 4 credit points with the Research School qualification program, or with a structured doctoral program such as IGB, IDS or GSCB. You must also be able to finish your project before your final doctoral examination. Activities as teaching and talks at conferences can be credited. Please contact Nena Nikolic if you want to know which activities can be credited with how many CPs.

Review Criteria

The reviewers will evaluate all applications according to the following criteria:

  • Formal completeness of the application
  • General comprehensibility for non-experts
  • Scientific quality and general significance of the event
  • Significance and impact of the event on your doctoral project as a whole
  • Impact of the event on your international network & visibility
  • Sustainable impact of the event on RUB’s international network & visibility
  • Reasonable specification of costs

Your application contains the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Letter of recommendation from your first supervisor (In the case of a group application from all applicants)
  • A detailed budget plan
  • A conference program
  • A list of the planned guests, indicating the status of the invitation
  • Letters of commitment by the guests (if applicable)

You can access the online application form here.

There are two deadlines per year, one in spring and one in summer. Please see the deadlines for 2024:

  • March 13 (estimated decision in early June)
  • September 11 (estimated decision in mid-December)

Please bear in mind that no backdated funding can be granted and that your event can only begin after a positive funding decision by the Executive Board.

If you have any further questions about PR.INT Event, please see the reference to the information event at the bottom of this page.

Virtual Info Sessions

Please take a look at all the information on this page first. If you still have questions, please feel free to attend one of the virtual 30-minute info sessions.

To register, send an email to Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu stating the date of the session:

  • Thursday, 11 July, 11 am  
  • Wednesday, 24 July, 2 pm
  • Thursday, 08 August, 11 am
  • Wednesday, 28 August, 2 pm