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If you have enrolled for a doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine after 1 September 2019, you must fulfill the qualification program of your faculty. The doctorate office has created several detailed PDFs for this purpose. These PDF files are updated regularly. Therefore, we ask you to download the files directly from the page of the doctorate office.

The qualification program is divided into Block I and Block II. For both blocks you will find information about offers and alternatives on the further pages in the PDF, as well as a recognition template at the end.

The recognition of achievements for said Block I and Block II is done by the doctoral office of the Faculty of Medicine. The recognition template has to be signed by the organizer and submitted to the Doctoral Office of the Faculty of Medicine. The recognition of achievements for the qualification program can only be done via these templates and by the Doctoral Office.

If you have attended Research School events to cover Block II, you can simply submit the certificates of attendance, which you will automatically receive by email after successful participation, to the Doctoral Office.



In order to receive the final certificate for the qualification program of the Faculty of Medicine and RUB Research School, you independently enter achievements recognized by the Doctoral Office in your profile of doctoral database. As proof, you can submit the recognition templates confirmed by the Doctoral Office. If you have participated in events of Research School, these are automatically entered in the doctoral database.

Of course, you can also have activities that exceed the minimum requirements (8 credit points or 5 credit points) recorded for the certificate. To do so, simply enter the activity in your profile of doctoral database and send us proofs. On our website for the Research School Certificate, you will find more information about what you can have credited.

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