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RUB's Institution for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers

RUB Research School is the campus-wide institution of all faculties for the promotion of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of Ruhr-Universität Bochum. We offer complementary qualification beyond disciplinary borders, dedicated consulting, and a unique Research Around the World internationalization program. With this, we supplement the offers of our 21 faculties so that RUB's 4.000+ emerging researchers can benefit from an extensive range of support and services preparing them in the best possible way for a career in academia and beyond.

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Tag der Forschung an der TH Georg Agricola

"Engineering for a better world": Am 10. Oktober bietet die THGA Einblicke in Forschungsprojekte & -Transferaufgaben. Eingeladen sind alle…

Research Career Day on 09 November

The half day event supports you to gain career orientation & to understand how to develop an academic profile for a career in research. Register now!

What is the impact to go abroad during my Postdoc?

Information & Networking event on 27 October 2023. Join to discuss & share experiences with Alumni of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Kurzworkshop: Forschung nachhaltig gestalten

16. Okt. Wir diskutieren, was Nachhaltigkeit in der Forschung bedeutet & vermitteln Hintergrundwissen zum Leitfragen-Katalog Nachhaltigkeit der DFG.

New courses: German as a foreign language

The registration period for WS 2023/24 starts 18 September. The University Language Centre offers courses for general & academic purposes.

Hector Research Career Development Award

For W1 Assistant Professors & Junior Research Group Leaders in the natural or engineering sciences, medicine or psychology. Apply by October 30.

Workshop: unterhaltsame WissKomm am 06.10.

Überzeugend & unterhaltsam kommunizieren: Professioneller Workshop mit Sven-Daniel Gettys am 06. Oktober, 10-16 Uhr im SH 1/138. Bis 27.09. anmelden!

24 Oct - 14 Nov: Virtual Open Science Autumn

Panel discussions & qualification workshops on the most important aspects of Open Science. Register for a deeper understanding and hands on-knowledge!

Infos rund um Promotionsstipendien: Stipendientag am 30.11.

Die RS, Vertreter*innen & Geförderte versch. Stiftungen & Förderprogramme informieren über Angebote, Voraussetzungen, Auswahlverfahren & Tipps.