RUB Research School

Methodological Knowledge across Discplines

Workshops: Interdisciplinary Research Methods

You gain in-depth research insights as well as methodological knowledge and abilities while working on your own research project.

We offer workshops in research methods that are used across disciplines. They are designed to broaden your methodological toolkit and your analytical research skills by deepening, reflecting, and sharing research methods used in different research fields.

The workshops are offered by researchers who are experts in their field and provide advanced methodological knowledge and hands-on training. They support you in using these cross-disciplinary methods for your research and in enhancing your already present methodological skills:

Workshop on interdisciplinary empirical methods are offered by the
Methodenzentrum RUB.

Your Feedback Matters

All offers are regularly evaluated by the participants and we offer workshops that are highly recommended by the participants. This allows us to develop our program according to your needs and demands and we are always open to your suggestions and wishes.