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Ethics and Rights in Research

Workshops: Good Scientific Practice & Data Protection

Good scientific practice

Right at the beginning of the doctorate it is important to deal with the topic of good scientific practice. All researchers are responsible for adhering to the basic values and norms in research. Therefore, their research practices and scientific self-understanding are fundamental for ensuring good scientific practice. That's why we offer workshops on this highly important topic.

The code "Guidelines for Ensuring Good Scientific Practice" conveys the values, self-obligations, and responsibilities all researchers commit to. It describes the general principles of research integrity, such as honesty, comprehensibility, fairness and (self-)critical thinking. The code comprises a total of 19 guidelines and is implemented by the "Guidelines of Good Scientific Practice" at RUB. It sets guidelines on many important topics of scientific integrity such as:

  •     professional ethics
  •     supervision
  •     research design, methods and standards
  •     legal and ethical frameworks, rights of use
  •     documentation of research results
  •     providing public access to research results
  •     authorship

If you have questions about the rules of good scientific practice, you can contact the Ombudspersons for good scientific practice at RUB.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation in your doctorate, have problems in understanding or solving a situation, or have more questions than answers, you can contact the Ombudsperson for doctoral researchers at RUB within Research School.

Data Protection in Research

RUB also advises you on questions regarding data protection in research. If you have questions about the basic legal framework for the collection and use of personal data for your research and need expertise on which legal requirements your personal research must meet, you can contact the data protection officer of RUB.

In addition, our workshops on data protection in research offer in-depth insights into the topic.

Workshops March - July 2024 (registration open 08.02.2024)

Workshop title Research Field Level  of experiences Date
ER_01: ONLINE Datenschutz in Forschungsprojekten Promovierende alle Forschungsbereiche Level alle 05.06.2024 (4 Std.)

Workshops September - December 2024 (registration open 03.06.2024)

Workshop title Research Field Level  of experiences Date
ER_02: PRESENCE Data Protection in research projects Doctoral researchers all research fields Level all 25.09.2024 (4 hrs)