RUB Research School

Leading and Representing

The Dean leads Research School, represents its interests within and outside the university, and serves as chairperson of the Executive Board. The Dean sets impulses for the strategic development of the promotion of early career researches at RUB. She or he coordinates the cooperation of the faculties with Research School and the collaboration with institutions outside Ruhr-Universität. She or he is responsible for the quality assurance of the programs and funding lines.

The Dean is elected by the Conference of Faculties from among the group of RUB professor with a simple majority for a period of five years upon proposal of the Rectorate. Re-election is possible.


Meet the current Dean:

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein


Before Research School was established as a permanent institution at our university, RS and its internationalization program RSPLUS had been represented by a speaker.

Former speakers of Research School:

Founding Phase: Prof. Dr. Elmar Weiler

2006 - 2009: Prof. Dr. Roland A. Fischer

2009 - 2012: Prof. Dr. Nils Metzler-Nolte

2012 - 2019: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Löwenstein