RUB Research School

Orientation for Your Research Career

From Doctorate to Postdoc

If you want to stay in research after your doctorate, we offer you individual counseling to plan this next career step. At the latest when you are in the final phase of your doctorate, questions arise about what comes next. We provide essential knowledge and a comprehensive orientation what your next career step as a postdoc means, which questions are important for planning this phase, and what you should know early on about a career in research:

  • What are the first steps to go?
  • What influences my career as a postdoc?
  • Can I prepare this career step already during my doctorate?
  • When do I need to make decisions?
  • How can I finance my postdoc?
  • What career prospects does a postdoc phase open up?

You do not need to have made a career decision yet for a personal counseling about postdoc opportunities.

From Your Doctorate to a Postdoc Abroad

With the Gateway Fellowship, RUB Research School offers a postdoc fellowship that enables you to start your first postdoc phase with a research stay abroad. It can be granted for up to 9 months directly after completing your doctorate. The Gateway Fellowships support you in opening up an international research perspective right at the beginning of your postdoc career.

Further Offers for Career Planning

We offer workshops and events for career planning, in which you can reflect and prepare your career after your doctorate in and outside academia in exchange with experts and experienced scientists.