RUB Research School

DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Dieter Reinisch

Research Explorer Ruhr Fellow 2018

Dieter was a fellow of Research Explorer Ruhr (RER) 2018. He successfully applied for a DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2020 and additionally visited Bochum as a Research Assisant in 2021. He has been working with Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger's team at the Institute for Social Movements and has handed in application for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship.

"Attending the Research Explorer Ruhr (RER) in July 2018 enabled me to deepen my research collaboration with Prof. Stefan Berger, Director of the Institute for Social Movements. This collaboration eventually resulted in the successful application for a DAAD-Postdoc Research Fellowship. The RER was a crucial step in my successful grant application process for the application writing workshops and the exchange with international scholars from diverse academic and regional backgrounds improved my skills that are necessary for writing successful grant applications."

Cheers, Dieter! We will be keeping our fingers crossed for the MSCA application!