RUB Research School

A Strong Global Network

Benefit from Long-standing and Reliable Partners on many Different Levels

[This page is available in English only as it addresses international researchers]

In following its core mission of research, study, and transfer, our university cooperates with leading institutions from all over the world. These strategic partnerships are flanked by long-standing international cooperation of our faculties, institutes, and individual researchers with their global partners. Take a look at these networks and representations on RUB's International Portal


RUB Research School's Institutional Global Network

Research School has been able to build a large and reliable international network that helps us to constantly expand and improve our services and programs for our specific target group, our early career researchers. Our international research marketing activities bring us to different countries, enabling us to promote our programs as well as promote the exchange of ideas with universities, funding organizations, and the next generation of researchers on site. And best of all, we are pleased that our funding programs have supported the creation of over 1.250 international contacts for our doctoral and postdoctoral community so far. It's worth taking a look at our Map of International Reserach Activities (MIRA).