RUB Research School

Research Associate Dr. Susana Carmona Castillo

Research Explorer 2018 Fellow

Susana was part of our Research Explorer Ruhr cohort of 2018 and stayed with Prof. Dr. Estrid Sørensen at the chair of Cultural Psychology and Anthropology of Knowledge. Susana was offered a postdoctoral position thereafter.

“The RUB Research Explorer Ruhr was a great experience. I met amazing people from Germany and all over the world. I found a great group in Bochum, where I began my postdoc career and learned about European academia. The research and teaching experience I got when I later came to Bochum was key in getting the permanent position I have now in the Netherlands.”

Susana is now holding a permanent position at Maastricht University, the Netherlands and is still in steady exchange with researchers at Bochum. Congrats, dear Susana!