RUB Research School

Humboldt Fellow Dr. Emanuela Garatti

Lore Agnes Fellow 2023

Emanuela was the first scholar to receive our Lore Agnes Fellowships for female postdocs with children. She successfully leveraged this opportunity to secure the prestigious Postdoc Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Emanuela will be working with ERC grant holder Prof. Dr. Carmen Meinert at the Center for Religious Studies CERES for the next 30 months!

When I got to know the RS Lore Agnes Fellowship, I thought it was a good environment and provided excellent conditions for working on complex proposals for longer postdoc projects.

Take the chance and read her interview with our university and watch a charming exchange between Emanuela and her host on the right column.

Dear Emanuela, it is great to see you and your family here in Bochum!