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RUB's Institution for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers

RUB Research School is the campus-wide institution of all faculties for the promotion of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of Ruhr-Universität Bochum. We offer complementary qualification beyond disciplinary borders, dedicated consulting, and a unique Research Around the World internationalization program. With this, we supplement the offers of our 21 faculties so that RUB's 4.000+ emerging researchers can benefit from an extensive range of support and services preparing them in the best possible way for a career in academia and beyond.

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Social Media Wettbewerb für Wissenschaftler*innen

FastForwardScience sucht bis zum 7.2.23 den besten Science Content auf Social Media: Reels, Podcasts, Streams & co! Der Preis ist mit 23.000€ dotiert.

Förderprogramm für Begabungsforschung

500.000€ für Projekte zur Begabtenförderung v. Kindern & Jugendl., für Promovierende & Postdocs aus Psychologie, EW & Pädagogik. Frist: 31. Januar

Ratgeber Promotion 2023 erschienen

Fakten & Tipps für alle Phasen der Promotion. Das Magazin ist kostenlos bei uns in der Research School (FNO/01) erhältlich oder online lesbar.

Help and support for affected scientists

Bundled offers to make a contribution to easing the circumstances of young scientists at RUB who have been affected by the war in Ukraine.

Gateway Fellowship: Apply by 28 February 2022!

Get up to 30,000 € as a full stipend to start your postdoc career at an international research institute of your choice!