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Open Science represents a central cultural change in science that makes use of the new possibilities of digitisation and the increasing international networking of science that goes hand in hand with it. Open Science consists of a bundle of measures to open up science at all levels: free access to scientific knowledge, free access to software and research data, re-use of research data, transfer between science and society, etc.

Science for all is the OECD's credo:

"Open science encompasses unhindered access to scientific articles, access to data from public research, and collaborative research enabled by ICT tools and incentives. Broadening access to scientific publications and data is at the heart of open science, so that research outputs are in the hands of as many as possible, and potential benefits are spread as widely as possible […]."

Open Science thus concerns the entire research process (see figure) and aims to achieve a systemic change in the way science and research are conducted. The fundamental drivers are the earliest possible exchange of information and the earliest possible collaboration. (FOSTER).


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