RUB Research School

Important Workshop Registration Guidelines

FAQ on RUB Research School's workshop programme

During the Corona pandemic, will the workshops be face-to-face or online?  

Based on your feedback and our experience, we develop our program by integrating both: online training for workshops where virtual collaboration works very well, and face-to-face sessions for workshops that highly depend on direct interaction. We will start with first workshops on-site when the pandemic situation will alkow interaction in the workshops.

How do I know if the workshop is right for me? 

The workshop announcement indicates the level of experience (basic/advanced/all), and the research field the workshops match best (LS/NES: Life Sciences/Natural and Engineering Sciences | HSS: Humanities and Social Scieces | all: all research fields).

How many workshops can I register for? 

All workshops are part of an open registration system, with a limited number of spots available. Please enrol only in the workshop(s) of your interest.

When will I receive a confirmation or cancelation for a workshop I have registered for? 

In good time before each workshop you registered for, we will inform you about your final participation status –this will be your binding confirmation of püarticipation unless you unregister.

Can I cancel my registration for a workshop?

If you do not wish to attend a confirmed workshop, we kindly ask you to unregister as soon as possible. We need to manage positions and vacancies responsibly. We kindly ask you to unregister right in time with RUB Research School (not the trainer) so that we can offer your place to other participants (the workshop costs are high). We can only offer such a program if we share this commitment and handle the available places responsibly.

What happens if I registered for a workshop but do not show up on the day of the event? 

Your participation in the workshops is free of charge. BUT: we will ask you to contribute to the workshop costs in case you do not cancel in time or do not show up to the workshop without any further notice. Please cancel your registration at least one week before the workshop starts, otherwise we will ask you to pay 30 Euro for the unused space.

Are the workshops barrier-free?

The rooms in which the workshops take place are barrier-free and barrier-free accessible. If you have additional support needs, please feel welcome to contact us in advance.

Do I get a confirmation of participation?

You will get a confirmation of participation by Research School for every workshop indicating title, date, duration, and main content.

Are the workshops acknowledged for RUB Research School Certificate?

Yes, all workshops will be acknowledged for RUB Research School Certificate.